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18 February 2016 @ 12:35 am
[EXILE] Rule 63 relationships - Chapter 3  
Title: Rule 63 Relationships
Summary: Atsushi and Hiro talks
Pairings: Implied Takahiro unholy infatuation with Atsushi...so Atsushi/Takahiro?
Rating: PG all the way to R/SMUT/ALLTHEPRON, Current: PG

A/N: Hahahaha Acchan as a girl <3 I always wanted to write something because of first the AKB reference during Exile Tamashii and then well all the stupid Chinese subs that call Atsushi their Empress XD 皇后娘娘 lol

A small, long haired girl sat at the corner of the LDH meeting table fiddling aimlessly with the pair of sunglasses in her hands as Hiro paced around and waited for the members to arrive at the company’s headquarters.

She was the first to arrive during all the mess that was happening to the group, mainly because she probably panicked the most out of the whole lot and well...she did have a direct call-for-help-if-you-are-in-deep-shit order from the head of their company under all circumstances, being one of the most important faces of their group. She always thought that the worst thing that this order would be used for was probably getting drunk or waking up late at the worst possible timing.

Turning into a girl was DEFINITELY not one of the emergencies she expected but she thanked god for small mercies.

“Atsushi, most of the members would be arriving soon...How..are you feeling so far?”

Atsushi smiled wrily and spoke matter of factly. “Kind of small and too pretty, to be honest. Thankful for…” he gestured to his front. “...the fact that this matches the small size.” Atsushi grimaced, hearing her now slighter high pitched voice. “and I am not used to this voice. Singing is going to be a problem…” she frowned. Hiro gestured for her not to be worried about it for now. Atsushi sighed.

“Though the wig and the borrowed clothes helps with the image…” Atsushi added on. “Thanks man. I...don’t think shaved head, blonde females are in the rage now.” Hiro wrinkled his nose, it was weird still hearing male mannerisms from a female voice and face that was still male a several hours ago. Hiro had borrowed some of his wife’s items, though it was more of his wife enthusiasm of dressing a female Atsushi up. In his wife’s words. “OMG SHE IS SO CUTE. I HAVE THE PERFECT THING.” Hiro was really glad he was with his wife at that time. He didn’t even know where she had managed to dig out a wig to complete the look. Hiro had to admit though, that when his wife was done with everything, Atsushi did look really good.

“I agree with Aya… I do wish my daughter would grow up and look like you. Maybe I should call her Acchan.” Hiro mused. Atsushi glared.

“And I am really tempted to call you Acchan seriously now.” Atsushi swiped at Hiro playfully. Hiro laughed. Atsushi smiled, at least Hiro was laughing still after the whole stressful morning. LDH really depended on this man, especially in unexpected situations.

“God dammit, don’t smile at Takahiro like that when he comes. He is in love with you enough already. He might start declaring you’re his girl if you keep that up.” Hiro warned. “You know how he is, and you are now totally his type and he worships you.”

“What. Oh no…No no no I am not letting that boy chase me. Not in a million years. I love that boy but you know it isn’t in THAT way.”

“..doesn’t stop him from trying. Speak of the devil.” Atsushi looked up at Hiro’s statement and saw Takahiro walking into the meeting room, and their eyes met.

“Morning Takahiro.” Atsushi greeted. Takahiro stared wide eyed at the girl as if trying to process if his assumption was correct. Atsushi cleared his throat awkwardly. “Well at least one of us can still sing the male parts.” she joked.

What she didn’t expect to see was Takahiro flinching, turning bright red, and running right out of the room.

“Well, that was unexpected too.” Hiro muttered.

“What is wrong with him.” Atsushi growled, as he stood up to chase the other vocalist down and back into the room. “Be right back with that idiot.”

Hiro nodded, he had other more pressing things to handle.