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18 February 2016 @ 12:39 am
[EXILE] Rule 63 relationships - Chapter 4  
Title: Rule 63 Relationships
Summary: Bakahiro's reactions
Pairings: Onesided Takahiro worship
Rating: PG all the way to R/SMUT/ALLTHEPRON, Current: PG15 for all the swearing

A/N: Because torturing Bakahiro is SO MUCH FUNNNNNNN :D <3

“FUCK FUCK FUCK….” Takahiro cursed mentally as he dashed down the hallway and skidded to a stop. “That wasn’t a good thing to do.” he mentally cringed. However, flight response won his panic that he might just say something too inappropriate to his idol.

“I want to fuck you now.” definitely counts under the “inappropriate things to say to your senior that you adore”. Having an erection just by looking at your senior’s face was definitely also a huge in his not-good-to-do-in-front-of-Atsushi folder. It was already difficult enough in normal circumstances. Why did she had to be so perfectly his type but so out of his reach. So fucking out of his reach.

Oh god, fuck his life. Takahiro was seriously considering if it was actually unlucky that he wasn’t affected by the whole gender change problem that was going on. He was actually happy at first that he was not affected, because he definitely appreciated some of the changes in his male colleagues and teasingly mentioned his interest. But Acchan (god dammit, Takahiro sweared mentally, he changed it to acchan so easily) was special, and unique to Takahiro. Even when she was a guy. Takahiro knew Atsushi was one of the ones who was affected, but he had expected, from Shokichi’s picture mails of his situation too, to see Atsushi as a funny shaved blonde female with sunglasses on and still in male clothes which he could tease and make fun of.

Not a lady who he would hit on in 10 seconds flat if he was in a mood to look for...some company.

“TAKAHIRO TASAKI. YOU STOP THERE YOUNG MAN.” a higher pitch stern female voice floated down the hallway. Atsushi was huffing as her dainty feet pattered along, trying to catch up with Takahiro’s now longer strides. Her face was slightly pink as she stared at him and signalled him to stop.*

“God fucking dammit she is cuter when she is angry.” Takahiro added in his mind. He had to admit that he was in a special kind of hell, a hell that he wished to get out of. Still he stopped so that Atsushi could catch up...if it was any other girl he’ll probably torture her a bit more by running faster but this was Atsushi after all.

He seriously considered if he could call in sick the entire period that Atsushi was going to remain as a female.

Sanma-san was right. He needed to get laid ASAP.

* Author has to add since Takahiro himself said this on Sanma-san's show: He likes it (will make his heart go kyun) if he sees a slightly sweaty girl with red cheeks, abit tired after running to catch up with him