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18 February 2016 @ 12:30 am
[EXILE] Rule 63 relationships - Chapter 2  
Title: Rule 63 Relationships
Summary: Kenchi's and Tetsuya's reactions
Pairings: Kenchi/Tetsuya
Rating: PG all the way to R/SMUT/ALLTHEPRON, Current: PG13

A/N: I am getting really into the yokosuka pair quite abit haha (even wrote pron for this timeline, though it'll be friendslock sorry because I think my pron sucked.) Because their interactions are so much hilarity and now I have this huge love/hate relationship with Kenchi.

[Everyone, I have messaged all the staff to pick all members up, male OR female from any location with prudent judgement by car to prevent any problems. Please reply location.]

Tetsuya sighed and typed a reply to Hiro’s message. That was a life saver. He didn’t think he really could leave his house without any weird stares from the public. Not just because he was now a female but mainly because she still didn’t have the proper “support” in certain places which will jiggle despite the baggy jersey that she decided was the most decent thing she could put on now.

She plopped herself down languidly on her sofa, sipping coffee from a mug, trying desperately to calm herself down. What she didn’t expect was a sneaky hand from the person sitting on the exact same sofa reaching out and grabbing newer parts of her body that she was still not used to. Tetsuya yipped and jumped away, glaring balefully at the offending hand.

“They ARE really soft, aren’t they.” Kenchi grinned. The pair had stopped panicking since the time Kenchi had arrived at Tetsuya’s residence after making a huge detour on the way to work and rushing down to Tetsuya’s house after a [Help please.] message from him.

It has been about an hour since then. They had exhausted pretty much any other options of getting more information. Though Kenchi’s “suggestion” (without much of Tetsuya’s consent) of sending pictures of certain female appendages to their teammates in a bid for help or to clarify the situation did definitely bordered on too much information. At least they got some confirmations of similar situations, screams of terror and appreciation, and a stern [Kenchi. STOP that.] from Hiro.

Tetsuya sighed and did a sign of an X in front of her general body area to indicate to Kenchi that touching was out of bounds at the moment. “This was his..no her best friend, resident pain in his ass; literally at some times in her previously male body…” Tetsuya added mentally, snickering a bit at THAT thought. “Not some pervert...though….she could think of some interesting things to do now that…” Tetsuya turned slightly red.

“You just thought about something very interesting right?” Kenchi laughed. Tetsuya growled. She sometimes hated how Kenchi can seemingly read her mind. Apparently even when she was a female, though her mind still functioned largely by her male libido. They were not exactly a couple, more like best friends with alot of fringe benefits they don’t talk about but Tetsuya knew that they were currently with no one else except each other.

“Would this change anything though?” she thought, worry creeping into her mind. She liked her status quo with Kenchi, but she was always too scared to take a step forward...or backward for that matter even.

Kenchi cleared his throat and smirked. “Why are you frowning now. Are you going to go all female ballistic hormones on me? Please. You are still Tetsuya. My coffee addicted idiot.” Kenchi stated matter of factly, plucking the coffee cup out of Tetsuya’s distracted hands and placing the cup on the table, avoiding touching her hands at her request.

“I am DEFINITELY not treating you all effeminately even if you have THESE.” Kenchi pointed at her chest. “But no touching is good for now.” He added. “Tecchan, I do know it is quite confusing to you now...” Kenchi added smiling slightly as he used that nickname. “...but don’t think about it too much. We’ll cross the bridge when it comes. Like we always do.”

Tetsuya smiled. At least she knew that the Yokosuka pair is still strong, gender changed or not, it was still status quo. “Sounds good to me, now get you lazy ass off the couch and go see if the car is here.” Tetsuya shooed Kenchi away as she went to see if she needed to pack any items that might help the situation.

Kenchi did not mention how much his heart skipped a beat when he saw that bright smile on the now more feminine Tetsuya’s face. His partner in crime had always been handsome in his opinion but the vulnerability and prettiness of the smile at that moment made Kenchi even more certain that he was definitely going to take steps to move this impasse that they had forward. Kenchi steeled his mind in his new plans of “making tecchan his officially - female version”. God knows how many attempts he had failed with the male version. Maybe now he’ll have a better…..chance.