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18 February 2016 @ 12:21 am
[EXILE] Rule 63 Relationships - Chapter 1  
Title: Rule 63 Relationships
Summary: Naoto and Naoki's reactions
Pairings: Naoto/Naoki, Implied Kenchi/Tetsuya
Rating: PG all the way to R/SMUT/ALLTHEPRON, Current: PG13

A/N: First is NaoNao because common pairing that most of my friends and I like. I like blushing uncomfortable Naoki alot wwwww okay shutting up now.

Waking up with a female body was both interesting and horrifying at the same time. He finally understood what the females around him (“her for now” she mentally added) gossips about ‘boobs being uncomfortable’ meant. For him, they were always just pretty things to look at.

“......Naoto-san, I...eh...you’ll need clothes...eh female…” His mentally panicking co-leader muttered.

Naoki had went over to Naoto’s apartment yesterday night after a long day of meetings as they still had some items to iron out for next month’s concert.

Both leaders decided to have a slight amount of beer while discussing business, after which Naoto became severely ill and spent the night curled up in bed or the toilet with his caring co leader who refused to leave him sick at home for the night. After a few hours, they had both fell into a fitful sleep until Naoki was woken up by a high pitched scream and was thus presented with the most unexpected of situations to wake up to. Naoki still wondered if he was still actually dreaming.
That thought was highly unlikely to be true and after half an hour of panic and many phone calls and messages to various people, they finally understood a gist of what had happened. Hiro’s final message was that they were to report to work… discreetly ...and immediately.

Naoki glanced up at the person now standing in front of him. Having time for the situation to sink in, he could now take a careful look at the changes that had happened. Naoto was slightly shorter than he was before, fitted out with obvious womanly curves, a rounder more prominent heart shaped face, as well as thin well-shaped legs that Naoki thought were really pretty. The boyish cut that was Naoto’s male haircut fitted the boyish look that the now female co-leader had. As for other feminine parts...

“I guess. Mine aren’t that big” Naoto cupped the two small lumps in front of her chest through her now oversized jumper. Naoki choked and turned slightly red. “Dammit. I bet Takahiro’s is huge.”

“Eh. I don’t think...Takahiro-san was affected. Erm. Well at least Hiro-san didn’t say he was” Naoki replied, trying to steer things back to normal ground...or as normal as they can get.

“Shit. That is even worse. We now need to run FROM Takahiro the perv.” Naoto muttered. His phone buzzed indicating a new mail.

[OMG WOULD YOU LOOK AT THESE BABIES.] Naoto grimaced as he received a totally not safe for work image from one of his most annoying colleagues.



[FUCK. NAOTO. WHAT DID THAT MORON SEND YOU. PLEASE DELETE.] Naoto grinned as he received a new message from another number. He quickly typed a reply to his “friend-in-arms”.

[Dammn, those yours? Those ARE hot. Hotter than those coffees you like to brew, my dear. I don’t envy your predicament getting to work now. I am already frustrated enough about mine.]

“Naoto-san?” Naoki asked tentatively as he glanced slightly at his also hyperactive phone, trying to placate some of his panicking juniors who were basically screaming “NAOKI-SANNN” to him due to the same reasons. “We...need to get to work I think, Hiro did say come to LDH asap...clothes?”

Naoto tilted her head in askance at “his” pile of clothes as if asking the question of “Do I look like I have female clothes lying around?”

“Hmmm. You could always wear a tighter singlet and a baggy shirt over like how my sister used to do so around the house…Don’t know if it’ll work though, I think..you might still be slightly larger than her.”

Naoto hummed, musing over the new information absentmindedly, fondling the two new packages in front of her chest, still trying to estimate the size.

Naoki turned even more redder than usual. “Gah why was he turning red,” he thought “He had sisters goddammit. It was not like he was a stranger to female anatomy.” Though maybe, it was because Naoto looked kinda cute… in a rather erotic way, sitting in her bed...wearing those tight male boxer shorts with her pretty legs showing and massaging her breasts like…”Okaaaay, time to turn THAT part of the brain off.” Naoki mentally chided his brain for betraying his attraction that did not turn off even with the gender change. Naoki had it bad. He knew it. Still now wasn’t the time to be thinking about that.

“...Tetsuya-san’s is larger.”


Naoto smirked and shoved her phone and the picture in Naoki’s face.

Naoki never thought he could turn any redder.