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20 July 2015 @ 07:18 pm
[Exile/3JSB] Tribal Soul - Song Fic  
Title: Tribal Soul
Summary: I am going to special hell, for writing such things. Song fic kinda, inspired by the two leader's favourite songs.
Pairings: Naoto/Naoki, appearance of Hiro
Rating: M (for mentions of sex)

Their first time was a drunken mess.

Naoki, the kissing monster.

Naoto was tipsy too. They knew that there was something, after all Naoki might get all touchy feely when drunk but there are only a select few that he'll touch. The rest get to laugh.

Naoto secretly liked the attention, he was young lad after all. So he leans in a little each time to get a better feel of the taut muscles that he admired.

And one day, he offers sending Naoki back.

None of them remembered who made the first move. Naoto thought it was the other since he was the one that started the whole mess in the first place. However, he was pretty sure that he was he one that shoved the taller man down onto the bed, and that the mewls that he heard when he buried himself deep in the other that night technically made him the one who took the lead. And the advantage of a younger, drunk man to boot.

Naoki just grinned when he woke up with Naoto naked by his side.

"I love you."

And that was it.


Naoto definitely was a typical blood type B. He got jealous really easily, especially to things that he viewed was his. A lion always guards what he owns.

Sadly, most of his teammates WERE older than him, and he was a mere kitten in the face of a pack of lions. So, he kept most of that to himself. The older lions know that this kitten wanted to be a lion though, and teased him about it all the time. Naoto was okay with that though, as long as they kept their paws away from the only thing he liked to stake his claim on. Naoto was a smart person. He knows what he wants, and at that moment it was the one he has his eyes on.

Naoki however, was more of a cuddly puppy dog that went around frolicking with everyone. Naoto was pretty sure that he should get this puppy neutered so that he'll stay close to him and stop grinning like everyone had a treat for him.

"He loves everyone too much." Naoto sighed. "But it isn't Naoki if he doesn't love Exile."

So Naoto started to love the Naoki that loved their brotherhood, and he couldn't stop loving him more.


Hiro knew that when forming Sandaime that the two would work exceptionally well together. They both have drive to bring LDH to greater heights. One had the ambition to make it work. The other had the love to support the ambition. It was time to let the kitten get his own den, but he was sending the guard dog to protect the young ones that he was sending to those new territories.

But sometimes he worries that the love that the younger one has for the individual would be detrimental to the group. Naoki tends to be excessive with his love, he could see that from how the young one fawned over Akira when he first came into Exile. It is not like it has stopped but…at least it was bearable now. Hiro, himself knows how much Naoki devotes himself to loving the group. So whats more to say a single person that he can focus his attention on? Who is willing to accept it back? He would observe first, if this collaborative leadership would make things better or be utterly disastrous.

Hiro isn't blind to the shenanigans that happen within their brotherhood. He knows that there are relationships and there are "friends with benefits" in their group, within LDH and outside of their group even. He doesn't judge and protects them all as much as he can. There has been offers, from almost everyone…those public questionnaires do cut quite close to truth at times about his member's dedication to him. He is flattered but doesn't accept. He knows what he wants in life and he works towards that. These circumstances however does make him the de facto go to (since he did mention that he should know of all relationships that goes around in his company) when it comes to all relationship issues.

Hiro talks to all of them though. Either face to face or through messages. Hiro doesn't tell them what to do, but tells them what he knows, and thinks. He uses what he knows about his life, being the elder to help guide the way.

So when Naoto comes and talks to him about his worries about being a leader, his worries about his ambition for sandaime, Hiro guides him. He doesn't hide from Naoto his worries because that would be detrimental to his development. And Naoto listens and nods, well aware that some of his worries do overlap with Hiro's.

"So what should I do, Hiro-san."

"I…can't tell you what to do."

"What would you do, Hiro-san?"

"I will concentrate on my work. After all, we are only young once, and that is important in our line of work. There would be a time to love, but that's my point of view."

"I see…" Naoto looked down at hands, because of all the hand dancing he likes to do. He can't help fidget with them when he is nervous or thinking of things. It relaxes him.

"The time will come though." Hiro added. "Love will come at the right time. Believe it in. It is hard, but it is part of growing up I think."

"Growing up huh. I guess…"


Naoki does approach him with questions about leadership but Hiro doesn't tell him about this worry. Maybe it was the questions asked or maybe because he doesn't see Naoki as being able to develop through hard facts like Naoto is able to. Or maybe because he is selfish and wants Naoki to keep that pure love he has for the group. Hiro tells him instead of support and love that he needs to give his new "underlings".

"Sure! Hiro-san." Naoki grinned.

But maybe it was the reluctance to be the one that breaks that smile on that face.


"Nao-chaaan" Naoki laughed, slightly tipsy as he leaned onto his new co-leader. They had just finish the drinking session to celebrate their new album and Naoto was sending the more unsteady individual home first in the heavy snow. "Heey, stay over at my place today again?" Naoto shrugged him off and shoved him through the open front door of Naoki’s apartment.

It was hard. Naoto swallowed a little, trying to think of a better way to phrase what he was trying to do with this relationship they had. He… was making the right choice. Better now, then later, when they were unable to turn back. Hiro was right that Sandaime is getting bigger and that they would have to think of the future.

"Naoki, we need to stop this. We need to grow up."

"Why? Isn't what we have here part of growing up?" Naoki sobered up a little, leaning back on the shorter leader’s shoulder and cuddling closer for warmth. He wasn't that gone into the night to not notice that Naoto was using his no nonsense leader tone that he had developed recently.

"There is more we need to do. This is not what we need to do now."

"Then when would we be able…"

"I don't know. You love these more than us, don't you?" Naoto gestured to the pile of memorabilia that was piled high in Naoki's apartment, that showed his pride of his existence in Exile. The Ex-ranger outfit that he kept ironed out and framed. The first picture he took with Hiro-san.

"…I do. But, I can love both equally as strong…"

Naoto shook his head, pushing Naoki off his shoulder and directed him towards his bed. "I don't want that. I love the Naoki that is focused on what he loves. Love them. Our new group."

"And I know, and you know, that when you love, you love with all your heart. I don't want myself to be a distraction. We should…stop this. I don't deny that we have something…but it isn't the time now." Naoto finished, a pained look on his face. "I'll send myself out."

Naoki tried to protest, he was more tipsy than he thought he was and he could never stop Naoto from doing what he wanted when he was determined. That night, as he laid in bed, a thousand thoughts swimming through his head.

Was it possible for someone to be happy and utterly torn into pieces at the same time?

He'll love them, it isn't too hard. He thought, "I'll love them all before you even told me to. It isn't like I don't know I know what you mean. It is because I do know you well. I will be your support, your co-leader that will balance you perfectly. I will be the silent pillar of strength to your bright sunny smiles. We will love our group together. I love you too much not to do so.

However, I'll never stop saying 'I love you.'

Maybe one day, when our children gained their own wings, we can take a step back and watch them soar.

And I can smile as brilliantly as before, knowing that you're happy with what you have and that you are willing to be mine again.

I have experienced it once, and will wait for eternity for that moment again."

リフレインを リフレインを

A familiar tune played in Naoki's mind, as he covered in eyes with his hands as he silently hummed the tune to lull himself into a fitful sleep.


As Naoto walked out of the apartment, he sighed.
Plugging in his music player, he selected that track that had been on his mind for the past few days and trudged slowly back to his home.

...手をかざし見つめていた それが恋の 痛みなんだと 知らずに 恋してた[2]

Ryuji really did had a knack for singing songs that hit the soul.

That night, Naoto insisted that it was the flutter of snow that fell on his cheeks that made it wet.

Foot notes:
[1] rifurein wo, rifurein wo, mou ichido deattara, aishiaeru ka futari (Romanji)
[1] Refrain, Refrain, let’s meet once more, so we can love. (English translation)

[2] Te o kazashi mitsumeteita sore ga koi no itami nanda to shirazu ni koi shiteta (Romanji)
[2] Staring at your hand, I loved that without knowing that’s the pain of love. (English translation)