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25 June 2015 @ 01:19 pm
[EXILE/3JSB] Genderbend  
Title: Genderbend
Summary: Don't. Let. Me. Write. Fic. At. 1AM in the morning. (after looking at blue planet pictures of Naoto and his bitches. XD)
Pairings: Light Naoto/Naoki, Omi/Ryuji if you squint
Rating: PG13

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. EXILE belongs to LDH.

"Stop it, Ko-Nee. You're heavy!" Tachiana whined. Kobayashi Naoko pouted in reply.

"Well, Nao-chan isn't here yet and you are the next easiest in terms of height. Lend me your shoulder for a while to lean on, my heels are killing me."


Ko-chan thought for a moment. "True. Nao-chan needs it more than us. But heels make us look pretty, don't they?"

Ellie smirked, looking intently at her new manicure. "Let Nao-san hear that and we are all dead. You know she is a bitch about her height."

True, the other co-leader of their dance and performance group gets mad at any male or female that dared to call her a cute, little thing. Kataoka Nao was 31 years old this year and she looked nothing like her age. Most females will jump at the chance to look like her at their age, but it made it hard to be the leader of a bunch of amazing dancers if you looked like you can pass off as a middle schooler in a seifuku and twin tails. "I should bitch about MY height. Nao-chan is cute. I look like a freaking amazon."

"A sexy amazon goddess. Please Ko-chan, everyone wants your body structure. Nao-san especially. Didn't you see how much she was glaring at your boobs and waist during our last onsen trip?" Yamashida Kanya giggled, miming the actions of a hentai jiji staring at Naoko's assets. The rest giggled in response while Naoko just glared in return.

Wanting to divert the attention, she quickly jibbed back. "Ehhhhh, but Ya-chan has larger boobs than me."

"I'm fatter than you around the waist, Ko." Yamashida sighed, dangling her legs over the fence near the train station that they were assembling at.

"Ya-chan! Please! You are wearing a skirt!" Tosaka Hirouka shrilled.

"Look, our resident princess Tosaka is preaching again."

"Don't bully Ouka-chan, please, Kanya-san"

"Che. Ryuuka, you protect the princess too much."

"What is taking Nao-san so long?" Ellie asked again. "I really do want to get my hair done by today."

"Ellie-Nee, your hair is going to drop out if you keep bleaching it like that."

"Well, I can just steal some from your pretty head then, Iwa-chan."

"Nooo not my hair!"

"What about Iwa-chan's hair?" asked Nao who had just arrived. "Nao-nee! Ellie-Nee wants to use my hair as her extensions again!" Nao just glared at Ellie as she adjusted the sun hat she had on her head. Ellie just grinned sheepishly in return.

"...Nao-chan you look ta...good today." Naoko smiled at her older co-leader.

"....god dammit. Ko-chan. I wanted to be taller today, not fail shamelessly even though I am wearing heels. WHY ARE YOU WEARING HEELS."

Naoko shrugged. "You know we all love you as the leader even if you are short. Besides you'll always get to stand in front if you are shorter than us."

Nao smirked. "And parade down the street like all of you are mine?"

"I won't protest to that. So won't the others."

Nao smiled. Tugging a pair of sunglasses out from her pouch and putting it on. She posed for a moment in front of Naoko who gave her a huge thumbs up in response.

"Onward my ladies. Today, we conquer the streets of Takeshita." With that statement, Nao strode forward into the fashion street, intent on shopping to her heart's content. The rest let out a whoop of agreement and followed suit, chatting and bickering with one another as they trailed behind their short leader like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Naoko shook her head in amusement and joined the rest, trailing even further behind to protect them all and watch over her Nao's small yet lovely back.

Authors comments:
If the names are confusing

Iwata Takanori - Iwata Tachiana (aka Gun-chan)
Kobayashi Naoko - Kobayashi Naoki
Tosaka Hirouka - Tosaka Hiroomi (or Ouka for short just like Omi)
Ellie - Elly (XD Creative. I know.)
Yamashida Kanya - Yamashida Kenjirou (I am still not happy with this one.)

I apologise once again for crack.

litofroggy: Cameralitofroggy on August 31st, 2015 04:28 pm (UTC)

Naoto is always short XD *dontkillmenaoto*