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24 June 2015 @ 06:02 pm
[EXILE/3JSB fanfiction] Mile High Club  
Title: Mile High Club
Summary: Well, they had a plane there to be used right? Happens during the Summer Madness PV. Madness indeed.
Pairings: Naoki/Naoto
Rating: M. DEFINITELY M. PRON. [Not very good though, sorry I tried, the Omake is better then the fic itself.]

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. EXILE belongs to LDH.

"Naoto-san?" Naoki ducked as he entered the plane together with the other leader of 3JSB. He hated his height at times like this.

"Hmm." Naoto didn't directly respond. Instead, he was focused on scrutinizing the interior of the plane. It was one of the new ANA planes, an Airbus380 if he wasn't wrong. Quite nice of them to really put in all the effort for this campaign.

"Tell me. Naoki. Have you ever thought of joining the Mile High club?" Naoto muttered, adding the last part in English. '

"Eh? What's that? Miriru?" Naoki blinked, not understanding what Naoto had just said.

"Could be interesting. We have some time here, and no one is coming in for a while. Planes could be really fun...though sadly I would prefer it to be in the air...but this is the only possible option besides a private jet..."

"What are you talking abo..Mhprhhm" Naoki didn't finish his sentence before Naoto tackled him into one of the cubicles in the plane.

"Ah. Less noise. There are still workers outside. Though the plane should be pretty soundproof."

"EHHH?" Naoki exclaimed. "What has THIS got to do with what you asked just now?" Though he hardly would protest against Naoto pawing at his clothes like that.

Naoto huffed and stopped his actions. Straddled across Naoki's hips, he replied in an annoyed tone in English and pouted "Mile High Club." Naoki blinked. "Explain in Japanese please?"

Naoto sighed...and blushed. "Well...itiskindalikehavingsexinaplane...and..." Naoto took a deep breathe and continued. "...Ikindawannatrythatwithyou." Naoto shook his head in embarrassment. "Its okay though, if you think it is weird."

Naoki smiled and patted Naoto on his head. "Nothing is weird with you." "Though, this is probably easier for you...being small size and all." Naoki added, grimacing as his stubbed his arm in one of the hard corners. Naoto glared at the taller dancer.

"If you stop struggling and let me do it...it might be easier." Naoto purred as he restarted his attacks on Naoki's body.

"Hmmm not complaining there." Naoki sighed as he gave into Naoto's admiration of his body. The lithe dancer was able to contort his body and reach places that would usually be impossible lying in a tight cubical with a few chairs supporting their weight. The tight space did make everything seem hotter and more intense though, Naoki would admit. Naoto's glimmer in his eyes made everything perfect for the mood.

Naoki watched as Naoto deftly unbuttoned his pants and slide it off his body. The taller man proceeded to try and do so himself but it was rather hard, owning the space they were in.

"Need some help?" Naoto smiled as he dragged his fingers across the bulge that was prominently trying to escape the confines of the cloth.

"Well. I can't reach it. So, please?" Naoki pouted, putting on his best puppy eye look. Naoto chuckled. "I would do anything for you." Swiftly, he tugged at the zipper and coaxed the other's member out, leaving most of the pants on.

"Gah, my pants will get dirty at this rate. The costume designer will kill us." Naoto smirked and pulled out a pair of lubed condoms from his breast pocket. "Not if we have these." He quickly slipped them onto both of them.

Naoto prided himself in quick hand movements, even during times like this. Naoki sighed. "Fine, you win for preparations this time." Naoto grinned and tugged lightly, hovering over the larger man and positioning himself to give Naoki the ride of his life.


"Ahh...fill me up please. Naoki. Ko-chan."

"Mmmph, I'll fill you up aright." Naoki thrusted up as much as he could to match the frantic rhythm that Naoto had set, lips clashing against one another.

"More. Mmmmh. Just abit more, Oh nearly there..uhmm ahh.." Naoki pushed his hips up one last time as they both reached their climax. Naoto whined as he spiraled out of control, grabbing Naoki tight as he could, while riding out the waves of adrenaline from their vigorous activity.

That was when he realised they were not the only ones on the plane.

"Naoki-san, Naoto-san. Are you guys done with...Oh." Omi decide that today was REALLY not his day. "Ah. Okay. Lunch. We shall go for lunch first...okay? We'll get both of you something?"

Naoto waved his hands tiredly. Naoki blushed and in his life was very glad that they were still wearing their performance tops and that the jackets pretty much covered any thing scandalous. "Eh..Yeah...Rice or something...filling." Naoki stuttered. Naoto choked abit at the choice of words.

"Roger...you guys take your time okay?" Omi replied hesitantly as he dashed out of the plane. Naoto and Naoki sighed. Okay, that was bad. They definitely owned Omi one for this.


"Kenjirouuuu~~~ Where are our leaders?" Takanori whined.

Kenjirou shrugged as he bent down to adjust his boots. They had not seen the two after the PV filming of summer madness. Maybe they were dealing with some administrative stuff?

"Don't ask." Omi replied, coming back from exploring the huge ANA plane that was parked in the studio garage. "I think they are busy. Let's go off for lunch first. Naoto-san says just get them something...filling." Kenjirou looked up curiously.

He had never seen Omi look so scared in his entire life. Kenjirou immediately realised what had happened.

"Ah. Okay. Lets go." "EH? We are not waiting for them?" Elly and Takanori protested. Ryuji just shrugged and tugged the protesting Elly along. "Nope. As Omi-kun said. They are busy."

Kenjirou laughed as he dragged the rest of them off for lunch. "Hey...say does anybody know what "Mile High Club" means?"